Tomorrow belongs to us : Lorie Swearing is absent from the series for a year

During an interview with Nikos Aliagas in 50 minutes inside, Lorie Swearing, the interpreter of Lucia Salducci, announced that it was going to take a break and be absent of “Tomorrow belongs to us” as soon as June in order to devote to other projects. Fabien Malot/Telsete/TF1 twists follow one another and do not look the same in Tomorrow belongs to us, to the screen as behind the scenes. While she is currently in the heart of the plot since the return of Marc véry’s, and the arrival of a new serial killer in Sète, Lorie Swearing, the interpreter of the lieutenant of police Lucy Salducci, has just announced in the issuance of TF1 50 minutes inside that she was soon to leave the soap opera to the success of the chain to devote to other projects. “I’m going to make a break for a year,” reveals the actress and singer Nikos Aliagas during an interview portrait back on the defining moments of his career. “I turn up in April and I’ll get the antenna up in June. This will make two years that I played in the series”. A well-deserved break, which presupposes that we will not see Lorie in Tomorrow belongs to us prior to the summer of 2020 at least, and now let the door open to all the assumptions about the way the writers are setting the stage for her departure to the antenna next June. Lorie Inveighing explains that she wants to “focus on other projects, personal and professional” and that she will go on tour to promote his album things of life with a show intimate, after a concert at the Olympia in may 2018.

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