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When Marina Foïs deplores the state of comedy in France…
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The Favorite and the cinema "beautifully absurd" by Yorgos Lanthimos seen by his actresses, Emma Stone in head

Nearly seven months after leaving the commands in the next installment of the James Bond series, director Danny Boyle returns to the reasons for this departure. 2015 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH last August, a small earthquake shook the world of 007 : Danny Boyle, now at the command of the 25th installment of the saga, left the adventure in the grounds of the “disputes to be creative.” Seven months later, the british filmmaker is back on the reasons for this departure from the micro to Empire Magazine. “I learned a lot about myself while working on the film James Bond. I worked alongside the writers and I’m not ready for this collaboration constantly,” says Danny Boyle to Empire, in comments reported by Yahoo Movies . “We worked very, very well, but they didn’t want to take that path. It was therefore decided to separate, and it would be unfair to say why because I don’t know what that Cary Fukunaga is doing. He sent me a very nice message, I wish him the best… But it is really a shame.” James Bond 25 : Daniel Craig will drive an Aston Martin… electric ! Danny Boyle continues : “my screenwriter John Hodges and myself was, I think, really good. It was not finished, but it could have been really good. You have to believe in its mode of operation and a part of mine is the relationship I have with a writer. That is like saying that we will give you an editor that is different… These fundamental relationships are vital.” Reading between the lines, it is clear that Boyle would have been able to continue the adventure of 007, but without his trusty screenwriter, he was not accepted… The filming of Bond 25 is imminent, with Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) behind the camera. Daniel Craig is back in the famous tuxedo, while Rami Malek is contemplated to embody the bad-guy of the film. The theatrical release is scheduled for April 8, 2020. Danny Boyle, meanwhile, will unveil on July 3, next the musical Yesterday, which tells the story of a musician English seeking to drill, and that, for unknown reasons, is the only one to remember the Beatles. The trailer of “Yesterday”, the next film from Danny Boyle : Yesterday trailer VO

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The Resident : What is this new series medical ?

You’re a fan of Pixar and Coconut ? But have you noticed these ten details hidden in this gem animated Pixar studios ? A trip to an enchanted, colorful, poetic, musical, and (most importantly) deeply moving to the land of the Dead : Coco has established itself as one of the masterpieces of Pixar studios, winning the Oscar for the Best animation film in 2018 (as well as the statuette for Best song). Back on 10 hidden details of the film, between caméos animated, winks, and homages. The Incredibles 2 This is a custom Pixar, announce in a feature film a future project in the studio. Here, you can see a poster of the Incredibles 2 in a street in the land of the Dead. Pixar Animation Studios, Buzz, Woody… and Mike as the young Miguel travels to the village square with his guitar, a store exposes pinatas in the likeness of three hero worship of Pixar : Woody the cowboy and Buzz lightning from Toy Story, as well as the friendly Mike of Monster and Cie. Pixar Animation Studios, A113 is a blink of an eye regular animators Pixar : a A113 slipped with detours of various films, in tribute to the number of a classroom at CalArts, the school where they worked for John Lasseter and Brad Bird, among others. The ball Pixar regular Guest productions Pixar since their first short film, the yellow ball, red and blue so dear to the lamp Luxo Jr. is visible on a table in the studio of Frida Kahlo. Pixar Animation Studios Michael Giacchino Was the work, among other things, on the original tapes of the Incredibles, Ratatouille, up, Vice Versa and, of course, Coco, the composer Michael Giacchino has a cameo “mortified” by leading the orchestra skeletal of the Country of the Dead. Pixar Animation Studios, The axe of Shining… director Lee Unkrich, up a nice reference to his favorite movie. At the beginning of Coco, we can see in the court of the house of Miguel an axe similar to that of Jack Nicholson, planted in front of… a barrel of red. Gold “barrel red”, “red drum” in English, like the famous REDRUM of the classic Stanley Kubrick. Pixar Animation Studios … and the twins ! Second nod to the diving horror in the corridors of the Overlook hotel, the twin Shining offered a small cameo in a painting in the studio of Frida Khalo in the land of the Dead. Pixar Animation Studios Jonas Rivera The family name of Miguel Rivera is a tribute to Jonas Rivera, producer up There and Vice Versa, and the upcoming Toy Story 4. Pixar Animation Studios notable guests Among the guests of the musician Ernesto De La Cruz during the evening organized in his vast mansion, the more attentive will have recognised the wrestler Santo, the revolutionary Emiliano Zapata and the actors Cantinflas and Maria Felix. Pixar Animation Studios, The truck Pizza Planet He is of all the movies Pixar since its first appearance in Toy Story (even in Rebel, and the Journey of Arlo !) : the truck Pizza Planet goes rocketing to the front window, Miguel, before the trip of the young man in the land of the Dead. That said, the real star of Pixar, this is the pickup truck. Pixar Animation Studios, Toy Story ” Coco, the 20 appearances of the truck Pizza Planet to See the slide show slide show Of Toy Story Coco, the 20 appearances of the truck Pizza Planet in the movies Pixar 20 photos

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While the snow glistens in the sun around the lake of Gérardmer, the competition continues with “Creeping”, “Aniara” and “The Dark”. DR. Yesterday, the second day of the festival, three new films from the competition were presented to the public between sun rays and snow flakes. In the morning, Creeping, a wu xia pian Korean with zombies, and then, in the afternoon, the science-fiction film Swedish Aniara, award-winning Arches. Finally, in the evening, The Dark, a film haunted forest on a background of a drama teen, who was presented by its director Justin P. Lange . Out-of-competition, it was also found Beyond Blood, a documentary about the New Wave of horror cinema French. Creeping The Prince Ganglim, a son of the king to power, renowned for his mastery of the martial arts, returns to the Korean kingdom of Joseon after many years spent in captivity in the jails of the Manchus of the Qing dynasty. Struggles to get the power, maintained by the minister of War, will appear soon in the royal palace as an epidemic turning humans into undead wandering in the night… Splendid Film Creepy, directed by the Korean Kim Seong-Hoon, who had met with a frank success in 2017 in South Korea with his previous feature film Confidential Assignment, is a subject hybrid. Movie costumes, half-way between the wu xia pian – martial arts movie – and the zombie film, it has the merit of being original. If it drags sometimes in length and sinks sometimes into the intricacies of the intrigues of the court a little complex, it offers a few action scenes entertaining and a lot of blood and eyes bugging out. For the moment, it still has no release date. Aniara After you have finished use of the Land, what remains of the human population launches several vessels in the space for transporting colonists to their new home : Mars. One of these vessels is called Aniara. The contraption, which resembles a huge shopping mall, offers all the services necessary to satisfy a company deeply consumerist and destructive. Everything seems to go well until an accident does deviate from its trajectory. DR Adapted from a poem of science fiction, by Harry Martinson, winner of the Nobel prize, Aniara, directed by a duo of filmmakers, Swedish, Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja, chock-full of great ideas. However, if the fable ecological and the existential drama of interest and persuade often, the movie suffers from the pace and barely take us quite. There is no release date in France for the moment. The Dark A dead girl-living haunts the woods where she was murdered years before. The day when she discovers a boy being mistreated in the trunk of a car, his decision to save him will change their lives. Both have suffered terrible abuse, and bring each other comfort. The light will finally appear at the end of the tunnel, but the dead bodies are likely to accumulate on the way… Strong of an opening sequence effective and creepy desire, The Dark places in scene two lost souls, two teenagers bearing the stigma of abuse innomables, which will rely on one another to survive and hope it can be rebuild. If his tempo is unfortunately uneven, the film is stylishly directed and its two characters are touching. For the moment, it is still unclear whether we will be able to see it in a theater. Beyond Blood Between 2003 and 2008, a series of horror films French, such as High tension, Alexandre Aja, inside by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, Frontier(s) Xavier Gens or Martyrs Pascal Laugier, caused a sensation in international film festivals and has fascinated both the public and professionals around the world. This documentary gives the floor to these young directors responsible for this new wave of horror in French and explores the origins and hidden meaning of this movement. The Factory Film inside (2007), It is fascinating to take the measure of the impact of this New Wave of horror cinema French abroad, through the eyes of a japanese director and actors japanese, north american, or Spanish, filmmakers, festival programmers and journalists. This New Wave hardliner and uncompromising, born in France in the early 2000s with High-voltage, continued throughout that decade and its films, the most emblematic are certainly Inside and Martyrs. In France, it has passed almost unnoticed, we can consider that outside of a small circle of film buffs, lovers of genre cinema, it does not exist. If the documentary, which opens many doors, still without the explorer, often lack the required depth and in the analysis, it highlights how these films are important even today in the history of the genre and how the French public, which was rejected en bloc at the time, remains an enigma. Exciting. It is a question that we were talking about at the end of the festival of Gérardmer in the last year within a folder feuilletonnant devoted to the state of horror cinema in France and that you can find here in its entirety. And don’t forget to keep an eye open on the news of the festival : it is always by here !